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Martin Haman

I am a consultant
specializing in Power BI deployment, management and auditing.

About me

I am an experienced Power BI consultant. I have successfully collaborated on projects in the field of data analysis and visualization for various clients from the corporate and public sector. I provide companies with professional advice in the selection and implementation of appropriate tools that will help them increase their performance and efficiency.
I also offer tailor-made training according to the needs and level of knowledge of clients. I help them set up the optimal Power BI environment and create an environment that meets their goals and requirements.

The most used cloud-based tool for data analysis and visualization. 

2019 - 2023
Škoda Auto
Power BI mentoring, training, lectures and consultations
Power BI mentoring
2021 - 2023
Česká Tisková Kancelář
Power BI mentoring, administration
2020 - 2023
Národní Divadlo
Power BI mentoring, training, lectures and consultations
2021 - 2023
Power BI training and mentoring
2019 - 2023
DKV Mobility
Power BI training, administration mentoring
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    Martina K.


    Martin Haman understands the topic in detail, he is excellent at answering ad-hoc questions. He can give advice even outside the field of current interpretation.

      Jan V.


      Mr. Haman speaks clearly and distinctly. Knowledge from practice is also visible. Willingness to help participants even with their own data and files.

        Radek Z.


        In short, the course is a great opportunity for interested parties who want to expand their knowledge and skills. I highly recommend it to everyone.

          Klára M.


          Martin Haman explained everything in a comprehensible way and always left room to try the given thing. Thumbs up for me.

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