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Deployment and Administration

from A to Z

Want to use Power BI but just getting started?

I will guide you through the entire process from securing a license to choosing a suitable environment to setting up a web service. In addition, we will also show the concept of enterprise reporting and other great tips. 

Deployment and Administration


Do you have Power BI deployed, but you suspect that you are not using the service fully or correctly?

Thanks to the audit, you will find the strong and weak points of your web service and find out how to make the whole process more efficient. Together we will review all settings, security and problem reports. The output of the analysis will be a detailed recommendation with setting options.

In addition, I will advise you on setting up monitoring or improving the quality of reports.

Deployment and Administration

Performance tunning

Do you have Power BI deployed, but your environment is too slow and insufficient for increasingly demanding requirements?

Together we will reveal the weakest link in your entire environment. We will look at the quality of the reports and their impact on the web service. I will teach you how to configure and monitor everything. In this way, you will achieve maximum performance while maintaining all the functionality of reports and the web service.

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